Engaging Consumers & Business Users for Laptop Brand since 2015

B2B and B2C Engagement for Laptop Brand


Leading Hardware B2C and B2B Manufacturer was looking for high quality engagement with Businesses and decision makers for its Laptop business. Engagement started in 2015

  • To bring awareness of their laptop offerings across various segments
  • Manage Cost per high value engagement
  • Maintain high standards in engagement with Brand Safety


  • Building brand specific custom audiences of decision makers and influencers across industries to drive B2B decisions
  • Competition audiences were built of audiences with high affinity to competition brands in similar products
  • Contextual targeting of highly relevant business sites and apps
  • Domains were verified as the first step to brand safety which was the top priority
  • Custom Intent Audiences who were showing intent of purchase were also targeted


  • Reduced cost per high value engagement by 40% as compared to benchmark with an improvement in ROI
  • CTR was maintained 25% higher than benchmarked KPI indicating quality clicks & visits contribution from YOptima
  • Improved clicks to visit ratio as compared to benchmarks
  • >80% of desktop share in impression volume
  • Relationship has been ongoing for the last 4 years for these campaigns

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