Reaching High Flyers for Airline

Reaching Affluent Audiences for Airline


Agency wanted to drive incremental quality outcomes from Brand’s very prevalent digital presence in the market.

  • Driving awareness of flights to new international destinations and subsequently increase market share
  • Driving quality visits to landing page
  • Promoting add on services like fast forward check in, pre booked meals, extra legroom etc on landing page


Audience building and targeting capabilities to execute a variety of audience strategies which were tailored to the goals of the campaigns

  • To drive awareness about flights to new destinations, in market Audiences for international travel with specific destinations, vacation packages and car rentals were targeted
  • Very high intent audiences were captured on meta search engines (flight schedule information etc.)
  • To help drive higher recall of the Client brand, Audiences who have affinity towards competition airlines and/or OTAs were targeted
  • To drive awareness and bookings for a variety of Add on services (such as extra baggage, meals etc.), frequent travelers/ business travelers were targeted
  • To maximize Scale and Reach with quality Lookalikes of audience booking add on services were targeted


  • Minimal click to visit drop. Click to visit ratio of 80%+
  • 15%+ lift in bookings

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