ClearBid Referral Program

ClearBid is in the launch phase and would love a boost!

Refer us to Agencies and earn a share of our business! Help ClearBid grow and participate in the growth financially.

Payout: Every referral is unique and valuable.  We will work with you to unlock the best value from each referral and maximize outcomes for all.

ClearBid adheres to US FCPA and other bribery prevention guidelines, program will be under the terms of such laws.

Who’s a good referral lead?

Leaders and Media Directors of

  • Small to Mid Sized Advertising Agencies with mandates from Brands
  • Large Sized SEO and Digital First Agencies with digital mandates

Value delivered to Agencies

ClearBid provides Agencies with significant media capabilities instantly with transparency, expertise and  unbeatable commercials! ClearBid team has been trusted by more than 44 agencies globally as their programmatic media partner.

Agencies can

  • Focus on their core competencies and business 
  • Win new business with our pitch support and capability stack
  • Retain existing business better with our consistent delivery, expertise, and transparency
  • Be assured of business continuity and capacity addition

Let’s work out a win-win!

Amplify your Agency's Top and Bottom Lines!

Win and retain more business, deliver more with better margins 

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