Comprehensive Media Capabilities with Google DV360


Tap into the largest Media Digital Inventory with more than 500 Billion Ad opportunities daily across devices. Multiple static and dynamic formats with engaging and data driven features

Comprehensive Video advertising opportunities – across Youtube, Non Youtube, Native inventory and also the most exciting new domain for Advertising – connected TV (OTT)

Tap into Audio inventory across podcasts and streaming services

Effective ad placements in non traditional formats, with seamless experiences and driving up engagement 

Comprehensive attribution capabilities – integrate with newage mobile platforms such as

Tap into leading Data Providers such as 

Industry leading brand safety integrations with MOAT, IAS, Double Verify 


Ramp up to the ultimate Digital Capability

Build a solid foundation for your Agency Business with the three main pillars of Audience, Media and Creative. Explore a plethora of cutting edge options to deliver your vision for your Clients 


800+ Audiences off the shelf with additional 100K+ Audiences from 3rd Party Data Providers and the ability to model custom Audiences  for Brands


The Largest Digital Inventory in the world with access to more than 650 Billion Impressions on Mobile and 550 Billion Impressions on Desktop. Leverage Programmatic Direct Deals and optimized Media Buying


Deploy a huge variety of creative formats across digital inventory. Continually Optimize for outcomes, reduce wastage and receive technical advice for creative deployment 

Optimize Agency Revenue and Value Delivered

ClearBid valyue to agencies

ClearBid significantly and instantly enhances abilities of Agencies to create value and improve revenue and profits. Agencies gain competitive advantage and capabilities without any capital, tech or people investment 

Engagement Model

ClearBid Engagement Model

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Make your Agency Resilient and Competitive!

Win and retain more business, deliver more with better margins 

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