Award Winning Team

The ClearBid Team consists of pioneers of Ad-tech and experts in campaign optimization using machine learning. Established in Bangalore in 2013, we have delivered more than 4000 programmatic campaigns across domains and geographies for more than 44 agency partners. Campaign team consists of 16 (and counting) Google Display & Video 360 Certified Programmatic professionals

What makes us different?

Perfection in delivering campaign outcomes on programmatic media for Agencies. Agency partners rely on our expertise of the Google Programmatic Stack, transparency and experience that spans multiple years.

Consultative Approach

In-depth proactive numbers driven approach towards media planning, helping Agency partners to take the right decisions campaign and business wise

Operational Excellence

Seamless and tight delivery across campaigns for virtually 0 error execution

Highly Skilled

Highly agile team with capability to address multiple and complex programmatic requirements


Proudly Based in Bangalore

ClearBid Team is based in Bangalore, India with corporate representation in Minneapolis, MN, USA

Amplify your Agency's Top and Bottom Lines!

Win and retain more business, deliver more with better marginsĀ 

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